WHAT IS THE Distinction Amongst ECHO AND ECG?


The Electrocardiogram and Echocardiography are non-invasive, painless examinations to analyze the heart’s performing. “Non-invasive” signifies neither incision/cut has been provided nor any unit has been inserted in the system. Dependent on the changes/abnormalities detected, the Health practitioner could possibly advise the client for Pacemaker Implantation. 

These assessments are typically requested by the Doctor and completed by a professional or the Doctor himself. The success acquired are additional evaluated to choose the therapy program. These procedures do not need any former planning and pose no potential risks to the affected person.

Let’s unveil the variances between the two techniques in this write-up:


An ECG is also identified as EKG, a 12 Guide EKG, or an Electrocardiogram it is a straightforward, non-invasive, and thoroughly applied diagnostic take a look at to detect anomalies in the heartbeat’s price and rhythm. An impulse is generated when the coronary heart beats, recorded on the Electrocardiogram’s precise tracing paper.

The printed strains suggest the pulse, rhythm consistency, cardiac tissue challenges, and coronary heart muscle wall thickness. You would be told to eliminate all jewellery, cosmetics, belts, and any steel you are carrying if undergoing an Electrocardiogram (ECG). With the sales opportunities or stickers hooked up to your upper body, arms, and legs, you will lie on your back.


An Echocardiogram, also recognised as an ultrasound scan or sonar of the coronary heart or ECHO, is a form of cardiac ultrasound. It is a a lot more subtle, non-invasive medical diagnostic check to diagnose the heart’s structure and function difficulties. Higher-frequency sound waves are despatched into the organ and ‘echo’ back, enabling the expert to see the heart and its composition in genuine-time.

The coronary heart specialist medical doctors can search inside the heart to see how the cardiac valves are undertaking or if there are any anatomic concerns. In addition, echocardiography can properly figure out the dimension and form of the heart. It can detect past coronary heart troubles, bacterial infections, blood clots, and intracardiac pressures. The evaluation is carried out by a cardiac sonographer or ultrasound technologist.

When you endure an echocardiogram, you will be requested to lie on the still left side and your remaining arm in direction of your head. The cardiac sonographer will utilize gel to your chest and use an ultrasound device to capture pictures. A photo of your pulse will be introduced on the keep track of.

Why do experts inform individuals to do ECHO or ECG?

ECG is advised in one particular of the next circumstances:

  1. Arrhythmia (Irregular Heart Rhythm)
  2. Coronary Heart Illness
  3. Cardiomyopathy
  4. Heritage of Heart Attack
  5. The Client has a planned Heart Surgical procedure

ECHO is recommended in just one of the pursuing cases:

  1. Existence of a Heart Murmur
  2. Existence of Coronary heart Valve Disorder like Stenosis, Regurgitation
  3. To detect Heart defects in the unborn foetus

Various varieties of ECG  

  1. Holter Observe: A transportable EKG displays the heart’s electrical action for a person to two days, 24 hours a working day. Your Physician may advise Holter Monitoring in irregular coronary heart rhythm, palpitations, or there is not plenty of blood circulation to the coronary heart muscle.
  2. Occasion Observe: If the patient has intermittent signs and symptoms somehow, the Medical professional may well advise them to use an celebration keep track of. When the patient presses a button, it records and shops the heart’s electrical exercise for a several minutes. The affected individual might need to have to wear it for quite a few weeks or even months to verify a diagnosis. 
  3. Sign-averaged Electrocardiogram: This examination determines if the affected person is at significant threat of developing a illness recognised as coronary heart arrhythmia, which can guide to cardiac arrest. The exam is carried out in the very same way as a standard EKG, but it analyses the risk working with superior formulae.

Diverse varieties of ECHO 

  1. Transthoracic Echocardiography is the most repeated variety of echocardiography exam is a transthoracic echo. It is painless and non-invasive. A system called a Transducer is positioned on your chest. The gadget provides distinct audio waves, known as Ultrasonography, via your upper body wall to your coronary heart. Ultrasound waves are inaudible to the human ear. As the ultrasound waves reflect off the structures of your heart, the echo device turns them into photographs on a display screen. 
  2. Foetal Echocardiography is utilised to analyze the coronary heart of a acquiring infant. A Doctor may well give this examination to monitor a new child for cardiac challenges. A foetal echocardiogram is frequently executed amongst 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy. The transducer is moved about the pregnant woman’s stomach in the course of this take a look at.
  3. Doppler Echocardiography is made use of to check the blood move in the coronary heart valves and blood vessels.
  4. Worry Echocardiography determines how perfectly your heart functions when underneath worry or for the duration of exercise.
  5. Transesophagealeal Echocardiography is an additional way of accomplishing Echocardiography to evaluate the framework and functioning of the coronary heart by inserting a slim probe by the Oesophagus (foods pipe)


Electrocardiography and Echocardiography are useful diagnostic instruments for a broad spectrum of cardiac ailments. The ECG monitors the heart’s electrical activity, whereas echocardiography tells about the heart’s mechanical action. Echo presents a prosperity of info on the anatomy and function of the coronary heart tissue and its valves. An ECG takes fewer than ten minutes to do. On the other hand, Echocardiography might acquire up to 20-45 minutes, depending on the cardiac sickness. On the other hand, both equally tests are absolutely safe and sound, pain-free, and very simple.

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