What is the best CSGO case opening site?


In addition to the official cases released by Valve Corporation, there are many third-party case opening sites. These websites contain cases with unique sets of skins, and, most often, this is the cheapest way of opening CS:GO cases that offer a higher drop rate of cool in-game items.

When looking for such sites, pay special attention to ones with a high level of reliability and advantageous offers. One of such platforms, BloodyCase-https://bloodycase.com/, will never ask you to share your Steam account details, will take all the risks of transactions, provide you with the most loyal prices for the CSGO cases, offer a wide range of exclusive CS:GO weapon cases and the ability to see a list of all the items before opening the case, as well as the responsive customer support.

Now we will share with you the list of best-trusted case opening websites 2021.


Bloodycase.com is one of today’s best CS:GO open sites with an exclusive corps and skins collection. A wide range of CS:GO skins includes weapons, game cases, and skins. One of the most important website benefits is loyal prices for the full range of services.

Check out other Bloodycase website advantages:

  • it has more than 2K users;
  • the administration will never ask you to share your Steam account details;
  • it takes all the risks of transactions;
  • the platform provides you with the most loyal prices for the CSGO cases;
  • it provides the ability to see a list of all the items before opening the case and responsive customer support.


CSGOLive is a proven platform that allows users to craft unique cases at their taste: you choose the skins and determine the drop rate of each item. CSGOLive community members create these cases for themselves or others, which is a great feature that is not available on any other platforms.

The platform has been around since 2016 and has partnered with other major platforms, has over half a million page views a month, and operates over a secure SSL -encrypted connection.


The instant withdrawal of almost all items in your inventory makes Hellcase so popular and appreciated by the gaming community.

Hellcase offers lots of promotions and bonuses to both new and experienced players, such as daily prize draws and the opportunity to get coins or skins for free from time to time. On Hellcase, users can also sell skins they don’t need and gain credits in return.


Farmskins has been around for many years and is one of the safest websites out there.

The Farmskins website offers a variety of payment methods (including PayPal and even Alipay) and allows you to download skins and exchange them for free coins and credits. The only problem is that some skins can take up to 24 hours to withdraw.

In any case, this site is the best choice for players due to the wide variety of skins and finely balanced, “fair” CS:GO cases available at very reasonable prices.


Datdrop has every tiny unique CS:GO item you can think of! In addition, they provide you with the fairest prices possible.

Also, Datdrop offers many promotions and special bonuses such as free cases. For example, you can compete with other players and see who is more fortunate in getting unique skins.

Datdrop is constantly adding new features and improving its services: for example, they recently introduced a handy skin upgrade option.

Datdrop accepts all general forms of deposit, including SkinPay, G2A Pay, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, and guarantees its legitimacy to all users through a fair algorithm. This is the best proof that this platform offers completely random results.

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