What Is Lightning Dice and How Can You Win At It?


Since first emerging onto the online gambling scene in 2006, Evolution Gaming have firmly established themselves at the forefront of the industry. They have produced countless entertaining games that have bagged them numerous accolades, including the impressive feat of having won Live Casino Supplier of the Year at the EGB B2B Awards for five years running.

In 2019, they consolidated that success with the release of yet another world-beating title in the guise of Lightning Dice. This high-octane live casino game combines quick thinking with elegant visuals and a healthy dose of excitement to give players the opportunity to win up to 1,000 times their original stake. But how exactly does it work – and how can you increase your chances of winning? Read on to find out.

What is Lightning Dice?

Evolution Gaming have already pioneered a number of other titles in their “Lightning” series, including Lightning Roulette. Lightning Dice capitalizes upon the same live casino experience that made that venture so popular and transplants it to the world of dice. Players tune in to the glitzy glamorous art deco backdrop, where a dealer will drop three dice into the top of the tower.

How does it work? It couldn’t be simpler. Players must guess the correct sum total of the three dice after they make their way through the maze and emerge at the bottom. If they get the total correct, they’ll win a prize. Plus, there’s also the randomized multiplier of a lightning strike; if your predicted total is lucky enough to be struck by lightning as the dice descend – and if it turns out to be the correct prediction – you could earn a significant windfall.

What are the odds in Lightning Dice?

Of course, there are certain totals that are more common than others. That’s because several different permutations will lead to the same total. By contrast, three and 18 are both highly unusual, since they require all three dice to show one or six. This is reflected in the odds of them occurring – and in the payout they offer. Here’s a breakdown of the complete odds below:

3 or 18 0.5% 150x 1,000x
4 or 17 1.4% 50x 500x
5 or 16 2.8% 25x 250x
6 or 15 4.6% 15x 100x
7 or 14 7.0% 10x 100x
8 or 13 9.7% 7x 50x
9 or 12 11.6% 6x 50x
10 or 11 12.5% 5x 50x

As you can see, there are huge returns to be made if you correctly predict the combination with the shortest odds – and even bigger ones if you strike it lucky with the lightning flash. Other totals offer smaller jackpots but occur more commonly, so it’s advisable to tailor your strategy to how much risk you’re comfortable with.

How to win at Lightning Dice

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee victory, many people are always on the lookout for strategies on how to win at Lightning Dice. Here are three of the most common ones, explained below:

  • Observe a few rounds before placing your bets to make sure that you fully understand the game and to ascertain which combinations are coming up most frequently.
  • Bet on the shortest odds (8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13), since these have the highest probability of coming up.
  • Bet a small amount on the longest odds (3 and 18) every time, since these are the quickest route to earning 1,000 times your stake (even if they are extremely unlikely to occur).

Of course, the best strategy for you will depend entirely on your gambling personality and how much risk you like to take on board. In any case, it should be remembered that games like Lightning Dice should be, first and foremost, all about fun. Keep that in mind and you can’t fail to win.

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