Ways to Get More Veggies in Your Diet Without Hard Trying


Many people may tell you that you should eat more vegetables. However, many find it extremely difficult, especially if they are not used to that kind of lifestyle. Indeed, some may anticipate that it will not taste as good as the taste of their old diet. Nevertheless, different websites such as Healthcanal are even promoting it for good health.

Since Healthcanal insisted that fruits and vegetables are equally important for your body, this article aims to help you gain balance without making you try hard. This means that everyone can attain more vegetables without missing the taste of their old fashion. Prior to that however, it is good if you start knowing the importance of obtaining veggies in your diet. That will probably help you stay motivated with consuming more veggies.

Importance of Vegetables in the Body

Vegetables are important because they contain different nutrients that are body needs. They help our body fight infections and release wastes. For example, fiber helps regulate bowel movement and healthy digestion. A lack of fiber may result in constipation, and the solution for a lack of fiber is eating veggies containing it.

Different Ways to include More Veggies in Your Diet

Making a veggie-based soups

Even though this may require your time and effort, doing this can provide you fun. What you can do is pureeing different vegetables and adding some spices if you want. You may also add additional veggies like broccoli for more fiber intake.

Making zucchini lasagna

The traditional lasagna does not contain any vegetables. If this is your favorite food, replace the pasta with zucchini strips. Your meal will then become rich in minerals, fiver, vitamin B and C.

Mixing veggies with Noodles

This can be the easiest thing you can do. Instead of adding artificial seasonings to instant meals like ready-to-cook noodles or instant pasta, pour out vegetables on it. You can combine the remains of veggies for a greater number of nutrients.

Mixing Veggies with Sauces

If you like having sauce with certain types of foods, you can add veggies within. The process is like mixing them with pasta or noodles. This is also an effective trick if you want to provide kids with enough veggies.

Customizing Pizza

This can be not the easiest tip you can follow, but such a method is highly effective. First, you can pick a Cauliflower and let it serve as your crust instead of a regular flour. Afterwards, you can add more veggies as your toppings.

Making Cauliflower Rice

It is true that you can make cauliflower serve as rice. You simply turn the vegetable to a small granule. Then, it is up to you if you consume it raw or cooked.

Making Vegetables Chips

Who does not like or be entertained by eating chips? Instead of eating junk foods, you can grab certain veggies and bake them. Some vegetables you can convert to chips are kale, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. Simply cut them into thin parts, and you are ready to go. You can also use leafy veggies and just add a few saults on it.

Adding Veggies in Pasta

This is similar to mixing veggies with Noodles. However, it is optional to pour out the liquids of your vegetables. Indeed, you can include urbs, grains, and mushrooms.

Making Veggies Fries 

The original fries are made from potatoes and oil. In short, you fry potatoes into a deep level of oil. However, you can turn those fries into a healthier one. Indeed, you can bake potatoes instead of frying them.

Aside from potatoes, other vegetables are also available. Take zucchini, carrots, and avocado as examples. You can also grab some green beans and wrap them with cornmeal and cornstarch. Afterwards, you can bake them, and it will taste like sweet fries.

Adding Veggies to Salad

Whatever kind of salad you want to make, you can also add some vegetables on it. You can pour out its juice, and include the remains as spice. It is much better if you do a vegetable salad too.

Making Vegetable Cakes

You may be used to more common cake flavors like chocolate and coffee. But modern cakes are also becoming popular such as carrot cake and avocado cake. Of course, instead of using artificial flavors, you include real veggies on it.

Doing Great Shakes

If you love summer, probably you will love milkshakes too. Right after milkshakes, fruit-shakes already became a trend in other countries. Certainly, anyone can adopt this style in vegetables. Simply blend your chosen veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

Upgrading cookies

Like cakes, you can also add vegetables in your cookie ingredients. To do this, you can grind your chosen vegetables like carrots and onions and mix it with your dough and other ingredients.

Doing Veggies Ice Cream

While everyone is familiar with coffee, cookies and cream, and chocolate ice cream, you can also look for some selling vegetable ice cream. If you can find one, you can directly mix grind vegetables on it.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to sacrifice the taste of your meals in your current lifestyle just to consume more vegetables. Indeed, you can trick yourself a little, until everything becomes a habit.

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