US Industries To Consider Adding to Your Investment Portfolio

The United States has the world’s largest economy, sitting at around $21 trillion. It’s also home to some of the world’s biggest companies, with seven of the top highest-valued businesses being headquartered in the country. 

The entrepreneurial culture, strong education system, developed infrastructure, and favorable and stable legal framework in the United States make it one of the best places to do business on the planet. 

It also makes it a great place to invest. The New York Stock Exchange is also the largest of its kind in the world, with more than $26.6 trillion of equity market capitalization as of July 2021. The tech-focused NASDAQ, which is also based in New York, is the second-largest with $19.4 trillion on the books. 

There are, therefore, a lot of options for investors that are looking to add to their portfolios, whether you’re looking for high growth, something lower-risk, or something in between. 

Of all the possible industries available to those investing in the US, these are some of the most exciting. 


The iGaming industry is relatively young, having only really begun in the mid-1990s. It offers its customers the opportunity to play and wager on card games, slots, lotteries, and bingo, as well as place bets on sports. 

Considering the US is home to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Silicon Valley, its iGaming market is relatively small. This is because it is only recently that many states began permitting companies to operate within their borders. 

One of the earliest was New Jersey, a state on the east coast that has always been at the forefront of entertainment in the US. After they were given the green light seven years ago, New Jersey online poker sites have become incredibly popular. 

Similar trends have been seen elsewhere in the country after the legalization of online sports betting, with revenues growing exponentially since 2018. There is still a lot of room for growth in the US iGaming market, which could make it very attractive to investors. 

Green Energy

Thanks to fracking, the United States is, once again, energy independent. From an economic and security standpoint, that is incredibly important. But fracking has environmental consequences, and it has become more and more obvious that we need greener sources of energy. 

In 2018, renewables accounted for 11% of primary energy consumption in the US. It now generates hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity and the Department of Energy expects it to “continue to grow rapidly in the coming years”. 

Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall, which uses batteries similar to those in electric cars, is one of the most notable examples of the myriad of innovations taking place in the sector, as it will allow the public to buy energy from the grid when there is a surplus from solar or wind, and then use it when there is less supply. 

Tesla’s stock price has also been one of the fastest-growing companies by market cap in the last few years too, partially in recognition of the possibilities it offers. 

With the direction of travel being very much towards sustainable energy production and smarter ways of distributing it, the clean energy sector could be something that investors want to consider. 

Real Estate

There continues to be a shortage of homes in many parts of the US. For this reason, the prices of houses continue to rise. This is great for anyone who already owns a home and isn’t looking to move, but not so much for those hoping to get on the property ladder. 

It’s also great for housing developers, construction companies, real estate agents, manufacturers of raw materials, and those that supply services to these industries. The cost of products like timber has risen dramatically over the last year, helping to boost the profits of some in the industry. 

There appears to be little prospect of this changing, so those that are involved in the construction of the badly needed new homes could well be attractive prospects for investors. 

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