Top 10 most reputable Forex Brokers in the world

One of the concerns of traders when entering the forex market is to find a reputable forex broker. There are many articles that review forex brokers that you do not know which articles are true. Solving the above problems, the article below will help you get the most objective reviews of Forex brokers as well as introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the top 10 most prestigious and popular Forex Brokers. Through this article, TraderForex hopes that you will get the most appropriate and correct decision for you. Let’s follow up later.

  1. Exness

Exness will definitely be the first name in the top list of reputable forex Brokers. Established in 2008 and so far, Exness has been promoting its capabilities and has achieved many proud achievements.

Exness’s headquarters are located in Cyprus, under the direct supervision of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Currently, Exness offers Standard and Standard Cent accounts and three professional accounts: Raw Spread, Pro and Zero. Each account type will have a different advantage that will help investors to freely choose.

In addition, at Exness you can also perform many simple operations such as fast, simple account registration, fast deposit and withdrawal method, service fees and extremely low transactions. At the same time, a team of professional and dedicated consultants and support professionals will accompany and support you anytime, anywhere when you need it.

  1. XM

It will be easy to understand that XM is the second name on this list. With more than 10 years of experience in the forex market, XM is increasingly affirming its position as well as winning the full trust of many investors around the world.

XM is granted official operating licenses by many prestigious financial institutions. Cụ thể trong đó có: CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission); IFSC (International Financial Service Commission of the Republic of Belize); ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission); FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority – United of Kingdom).

Currently, XM has quite a lot of different types of accounts for customers to choose from, each account type will also have outstanding unique characteristics. Specifically, there is a Micro Account; Standard account; XM Ultra Low account and Share Account (stock account).

A big plus of XM is the full supply of two MT4/MT5 software with extremely high speed of communication and order execution with many major brand promotion campaigns in the market. Swap and spread fees at the exchange also satisfy the majority of players when there are extremely low regulations and incentives. 

When it comes to withdrawing money at XM, traders can execute extremely simple and fast deposit orders and various payment methods: Internet banking, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard …

Although XM currently does not have a representative office in Vietnam, if you have a need, you can still call the call center directly to talk to the consultants in Vietnamese. The advisory team will also be sure to talk to you in Vietnamese.

  1. ICMarkets

ICMarkets is known by many long-time traders as the no. 1 long-standing and prestigious forex broker in Australia. In fact, there are also many Vietnamese investors participating in trading here and have also left many positive reviews.

ICMarkets is headquartered in Australia, a land with a fast-growing and strong economy. At the same time, it is protected and managed by leading financial institution ASIC. Therefore, you can be assured when using this service.

ICMarkets not only offers a wide range and abundance of Forex trading products, but it is investing quite heavily in updating the system of modern typical technologies such as cTrader. ICMarkets also offers many free support analysis tools such as Autochartist, Trading Central,… to maximize the Trader’s profits.

ICMarkets offers three main account types for Traders: Standard account, Raw Spread account (for MT4/MT5 software) and Raw Spread (for cTrader software). The specified spread level is so low that it will likely be zero. This is considered to be the lowest surcharge on the market today. Therefore, the broker is the best choice for traders who prefer scalper and day trading.

  1. LiteForex

LiteForex exchange officially launched in 2005 and is headquartered in Cyprus. With more than 16 years of operation in the Forex market, the exchange has also achieved a lot of success. Therefore, in terms of per-year and prestigious criteria, LiteForex is indispensable in this list.

CySEC – The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an official operating license to LiteForex. In addition, LiteForex also obtains a Marshall (The Republic of the Marshall Islands) license – one of the popular licenses in the forex industry.

Currently LiteForex offers 3 main account types: ECN, Classic and Cent account. Besides, LiteForex also offers a variety of product choices such as 56 popular currency pairs, Precious Metals, Energy, Global Indices, Stocks: CFD Trading on stocks of the world’s leading corporations such as:  Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Pepsi… and cryptocurrencies: including 16 pairs of digital currencies, cryptocurrencies are popular today.

  1. Olymp Trade

It is a new forex broker, but Olymp trade is well known to many traders. After nearly 6 years of operation, Olymp Trade has been present in more than 134 countries and achieved many impressive achievements such as: 25 million registered accounts, 30 million monthly transactions, transaction revenue up to $ 150 million per month. This is also a potential exchange that is highly appreciated by many experts in the industry when only a few years of operation has received many major awards such as: The Forex Awards, IAFT Awards, CPA Life Awards,…

Olymp Trade is officially licensed to operate and becomes a member under the direct supervision of the FinaCom International Finance Committee.

Currently, Olymp Trade operates with three main account types: Starter, Advanced or Expert and demo account. Coming to this exchange, you will be free to choose the types of trading products that you want specifically: 33 different currency pairs, 6 commodity codes including oil, natural gas, gold, silver, platinum, copper. 37 stocks and securities of famous and famous companies in the world such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, BMV … 14 codes such as DAX, CAC 40, FTSE 100… 4 types EFT MSCI Bzail 2x, EFT NASDAQ Reversal 2x, EFT s & P 500 Volatility 1.5x, EFT u.s Real Esstate, 4 main cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum asic, Altcoin Index, 8 types of AUD/USD OTC, EUR/USD OTC, Gold OTC…

  1. Etoro

eToro has been in operation since 2007, focusing on providing financial services such as stock trading, stocks. To date, Etoro has connected more than 335 million members in 140 different countries. When it comes to experience and prestige, eToro is referred to as an exchange that talented investors around the world want to participate in. Similar to other brokers, Etoro also supports many forms of free deposits and withdrawals: payment via online banking, via Visa card, Mastercard, PayPal,…

When there is any need to contact, investors only need to chat directly on the web chat channel or call the switchboard for dedicated and free support. Professional support and consulting services at eToro are also a bright spot that makes the exchange famous in the industry.

eToro is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the 583263 license number and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license number of 109/10. In Australia, eToro is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under the Australian Financial Services Licence 491139. In addition, eToro is licensed by U.S. financial regulators FINRA and FinCen, the GFSC-Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

  1. FBS

FBS was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Belize. FBS is protected and regulated by the world’s most prestigious financial and services committee IFSC.

FBS is a Forex Broker that is loved by Vietnamese investors. FBS was founded in 2009 and has achieved many admirable achievements to date, such as 16 million merchants and 410,000 FBS trust and choice partners in more than 190 countries, and annual customer profits of up to US$500 million.

Currently FBS has 4 main account types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages suitable for everyone’s conditions and needs such as Cent, Zero Spread, Micro, Standard. FBS also supports the maximum of different deposit and withdrawal methods for players to choose from. In addition, there are no regulations on transaction fees, deposits and withdrawals that have made FBS more prestigious. Besides, it should be noted that fbs exchange has a withdrawal limit for one transaction, specifically for the form of withdrawal of money transfer, you need to withdraw more than 50 US dollars, for other forms then 1 US dollar can execute the order.

  1. Forex4you

Forex4you was founded in the United Kingdom in 2007 and is overseen by the well-known Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC). Forex4you mainly offers online forex trading to global traders. Forex4you in particular has a representative office in Vietnam, which is an advantage for Vietnamese traders.

With more than 10 years of establishment and continuous development, Forex4you has also partially affirmed its position and potential in the market, while also proving its strength and competitiveness compared to other competitors.

Being in the list of “Top 10 most reputable forex brokers today” shows that Forex4you has succeeded in proving its credibility, the best evidence of this is that the exchange has created more than 2 million accounts and more than 1 billion trades,  and completed the transaction. Provide Traders with more than 150 trading instruments, 9 deposit and withdrawal methods, leverage support up to 1:2000 and low initial margin requirements… In addition, Forex4you’s customer service is also well received by Traders.

  1. XTB

Entering the forex exchange market in 2002 as the first leveraged forex and CFD exchange in Poland. XTB is one of the few exchanges listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Board (2016). 

In addition, referring to the level of “experience” XTB is the leading name in the top of the long-term exchanges, withstanding the turbulence and challenges of volatile financial markets. Established and operated over 16 years, with years of market-leading experience, especially in Europe, will be the best evidence of the success of this exchange. XTB has many legal business and operation licenses, these licenses are issued from the most prestigious financial management organizations in the world such as IFSC, FCA, BaFin … 

Currently, XTB offers 2 main account types: Standard account and Pro account. Each account type will have its own advantages and disadvantages, traders can choose according to the requirements and desire to execute their trading orders.  One thing that you need to keep in mind is that both types of accounts have extremely low minimum deposits in the market when only 1 USD or more are deposited.

Like other reputable Forex Broker, XTB offers a variety of payment methods such as Visa, Neteller, Skrill,…

  1. FXTM

FXTM (ForexTime) will be the last name to make the ranking. Many investors have probably heard of fxtm, right? As a well-known Forex Broker in Cyprus – the largest financial center in the world today, it is currently protected and controlled by leading prestigious institutions such as FCA, IFSC, CySEC. Therefore, investors can be completely assured when opening a trading account here.

Forex Time offers a variety of trading accounts for users, commonly ECN and Standard. In addition, FXTM also tries to shorten the time to execute orders quickly, launching many interesting incentive programs that will satisfy many investors around the world.

In addition, Forextime also stipulates extremely low surcharge fees and incentives such as low spread fees, extremely preferential commission fees of only $ 4 / lot. Not only that, FXTM also provides an account type that helps players trade through the EA (Expert Advisors) system to help traders refer to the investment strategy plans of other professional traders.


With the analysis of the top 10 reputable Forex Broker  above, we hope that the above information will be the most useful and practical for you, helping you get an objective assessment to be able to choose the most reputable and right Forex Broker. You can refer to the link to read more reviews about Forex Brokers. Entering Forex trading is definitely a challenging new beginning but will also be an opportunity for you to increase your capital quickly. I wish you success.

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