Proviron Bodybuilding Guide

We hope that you want to know something about proviron bodybuilding. Even if not, you can still read this article to look smarter than your friends, because today you will learn: what is Proviron, how it is used in sports, what dosage of it you need to work out your perfect body, and even what is Aromatase and how these two are connected.  

Proviron in Bodybuilding 

First of all, Proviron is not a steroid. It is devoted to the other class due to the different main component – mesterolone. So it is considered to be just a hormonal drug or so-called oral androgen. Proviron is usually used during the steroids cycle, and less common is its usage solo. It can also be used as a part of your post-cycle therapy. However, proviron bodybuilding is NOT an Aromatase Inhibitor. It means that it can not completely prevent excessive testosterone from turning into estrogen. That’s why it also does not suppress your testosterone levels (but in high dosages, it can do so).

The Main Proviron’s function is to increase your libido and erectile function. But in bodybuilding, it is used for its high synergetic abilities. Plus, Proviron prevents water retention in tissues and is almost not toxic for your organs (liver especially). Your muscles will grow bigger, become stronger, and you will receive a nice pumping effect, yet it is better to combine Proviron with something else because if you use it solo, there won’t be any results with wow-effect.

Proviron Dosage and Cycles

The dosage of proviron bodybuilding is highly dependent on which compounds do you use, what purposes you want to achieve, and your previous use of steroids. Normally, the safe dose is somewhere between 50 mg to 150 mg each day and no more. However, some say that even 250 mg is okay, but we really would not recommend you to do so because you will not receive any significant results with a higher dose, only more pain in the ass, like nasty side effects. Usually, one starts taking 50 mg of Proviron per day and splits this dose into two parts. If you are an advanced user, you can make it bigger and slightly increase it each week. Here is also a sample of the Proviron cycle: from the first to eighth week, take 50 mg of Proviron each day along with 40 mg of Dianabol each day. Voila, you are amazing. However, I would highly recommend you to include pct and see a doctor. 

Best Proviron Stacks

As we mentioned before, proviron bodybuilding is a highly synergistic compound. It can be used with testosterone, with all its esters. This combo is nice when you are looking for bulking. Proviron will help you in gaining pure muscle mass with no water retention, plus it will make side effects of testosterone less visible because, as it was noted, it slightly inhibits your aromatase, but it’s not its primary purpose. Secondly, Proviron goes really well with Dianabol, as was written in the cycle sample. These two just make each other stronger while making side effects weaker. The last option is Deca Durabolin. In this pair, Proviron can play an important role in the stack because it can save you from the so-called Deca Dick. As you can understand, Deca suppresses your natural testosterone a lot, making your erections weaker and penis softer, while Proviron is doing completely opposite stuff and winning in this battle. 

Side Effects  

The drug is considered one of the safest. Its side effect on the male body is insignificant but not absent at all. Although it helps other drugs to fight negative estrogenic effects, it can create problems just as well. The cholesterol level in the blood may increase, the pressure may rise, and rashes on the body may appear. Hair on the head may begin to fall out. In women, the drug can also cause infertility. That is why Proviron is not appreciated by women, there are much more safer compounds out there. 

The main problem with Proviron is high levels of bad cholesterol, which can cause jams in veins leading to unrepairable organs damage or even death (in most severe cases). To improve its action and enjoy its benefits, you must strictly observe the dosage and add regular blood checks to a schedule. It is also better to avoid trans fats while eating more fish, green fruits, nuts, and other healthy stuff.


A real team player who shines the best when used with its comrades – Proviron – can be your saver or your death. Don`t play with it; even if it seems too soft and weak for you, cholesterol issues are not an empty promise. Stay vigilant, do health checks and bla-bla-bla, you know it without me (I hope). 

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