PMP® Exam Tips And Tricks 2021

Do you fall into the eligibility criteria of the PMP certification? If so, you must be planning to take the PMP exam. 

The PMP certification is gaining more and more importance and prestige in every professional sector. However, it is also one of the most difficult exams to pass. But again the difficulty depends upon the preparation and knowledge of the candidate. 

Here are PMP exam tips and tricks 2021 that you can consider for your preparation. 

  1. Master the PMBOK

The PMP exam is based on the foundation of the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) guide. In order to aim for higher scores in the exam, you have to master the PMBOK guide religiously. 

Many candidates believe that the guide can be long and tedious, but it is still recommended to read the guide twice before you sit for the exam. 

  1. Take the official online course by PMI

There may be limited sources of PMI’s official question grid available on the official website, but PMI now offers an official PMP training course for candidates. 

The training course is conducted and managed by PMI through registered education providers (REPs). With the help of this training course, you can get insights into relevant and updated content that later comes in the PMP exam.

  1. Opt for additional PMP training course

Several organizations offer PMP certification training courses. However, one of the best is Techcanvass that offers PMP certification training courses at affordable rates and is conducted by PMI authorized training instructors. 

  1. Connect with professionals who have passed the PMP exam

It’s always a good idea to connect with professionals who have already passed the PMP exam. This way, you can learn about their experience from the preparation stage to the exam date. 

Learning from other PMP-certified professionals can help you to mentally prepare yourself for the exam.

  1. Opt for a PMI membership

Being a PMI member offers you several benefits before the exam. To begin with, you get cheaper exam fees compared to non-PMI members. 

Then you have access to a large network of professional project managers, which allows you to increase your market reach. You also get free access to the digital PMBOK guide. 

  1. Create a proper study schedule

It is important to create a study schedule for your PMP exam preparation. It ensures consistency and keeps you motivated. 

Generally, the prospective PMP exam participants take 8-12 weeks for the entire PMP preparation and spend 3-4 hours every day. 

Similarly, you can create your own study schedule depending upon your daily tasks. 

  1. Choose test time in the morning

Morning time is the most-preferred time slot for giving your PMP exam as your mind and body are still fresh. 

  1. Take written PMP exam test simulation

To take your preparation to the next level, you must take advantage of online PMP exam simulators. They are practicing PMP exams that follow the same format as the official PMP exam. You can check out the PMP simulation exam offered by Techcanvass. 


So, these were some top PMP exam tips and tricks 2021. It is important to stay positive, and at the same time, have confidence in your abilities and knowledge to ace the PMP exam. You can check out Techcanvass to enroll yourself in the best PMP training preparation course. 

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