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Newly topped Oloworo of Oworonshoki, Lagos, Oba Babatunde Saliu (Elebo II) speaks on his enthronement, the procedure that led to his emergence and why all those who contested with him really should fail to remember the past and join arms with him to build the city. By Gboyega Alaka

T&#8217S 21 days given that you ascended the throne as new Oloworo, how do you sense?

I sense excellent, I feel thrilled, for the reason that my kingdom has been peaceful, relaxed and business enterprise functions have been likely on nicely. Also there is no criminality, no combating and all people is content.

What is the significance of celebrating your 21st day on the throne?

Tradition needs that we rejoice certain times of ascending the throne, like the 3rd day (Ita), the seventh day (Ije), the ninth working day (Isan), 14th day (Erinla) and the 21st working day that we are celebrating right now. They all have their symbolic importance.

Your royal family members is a substantial a single and we listen to that some people today are not okay with your emergence how do you hope to form that out?

I consider people have been misinformed, and I do inform journalists to generally try to equilibrium data that they get. If somebody tells you a location is not peaceful, it is your obligation to go and confirm that data just before passing it out. If you go round the complete of Oworonshoki and Kosofe at substantial, you will see how pleased the people are – regardless of whether Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa. Just one particular person out of a million individuals can’t say the whole town need to stand nevertheless since he is not pleased. The Yoruba, the Igbo and the Hausa are al happy and relaxed. I&#8217m happy you reported my family is a significant 1, so that means I didn&#8217t make myself king. I went by the normal method of collection. We have 7 kingmakers then I had 4 people today (who voted for me), the other particular person had two, and one particular individual was neutral. So what are we speaking about. Go and make your investigation in the group ahead of you come to be king, you will have sequence of meetings. We have elders of Oworonshoki it was a unanimous conclusion amongst them. Not even a single person was in opposition to my choice as Oba of Oworonshoki. Even the youths. And we experienced meetings amid the Saliu youngsters, since we have only one ruling dwelling in Oworonshoki, which is the Bashiru Oloruntoyin Saliu Ruling House. Not Salami Ogejo or Alagbe. And this just indicates that it is only the kids of Bashiru Oloruntoyin Saliu that can come to be king. And in our declaration, it is properly said that whoever is to be king should be literate, will have to be educated, because that is what our father cherished most. And he gave us everything to make certain that we had that training to the very best of our skill.

What really should your subjects in Oworonshoki be expecting now that you have develop into king?

They ought to expect whole advancement. I have the working experience, I have the mental capability and the connections wanted to deliver enhancement to the town. So, they should really be expecting nothing considerably less than advancement. Give us a handful of many years and you would see the variety of transformation that will occur to Oworonshoki In sha Allah. For individuals who are aggrieved since there is no way every person in the town will be in help of just one oba, the palace is open. We have stretched out our arms of fellowship. We&#8217ll get all people back again and collectively we can make this group, this kingdom. Establishing Oworonshoki Kingdom is meant to be a collective accountability.

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