New World Hatchet Build Guide

Is the Hatchet Good in New World?

Apart from being surprisingly durable, the Hatchet, war Hatchet, and all the other variants are capable of high DPS. The Hatchet is also quite potent for dealing various debuffs and statuses onto enemies, through either melee or ranged attacks, making it a very versatile weapon able to take on various kinds of content.

Amazon scales the Hatchet’s damage through Strength primarily, which makes the use of this weapon as a Melee DPS or Off-tank that much more effective. Its melee skills and abilities combined with Hatchet gear turns you both durable and capable of dealing high damage, which is amazing for new players.

The secondary role that the Hatchet can take on is supportive as a ranged debuff. Hatchet throwing, just like the class axe throwing, can be very useful, especially when used in conjunction with The Throwing Tree that offers a wide variety of debuffs that you can apply onto enemies.

Below, are some key factors to consider when thinking of choosing the Hatchet to build around:

● Depending on the secondary weapon used, the Hatchet could be a brilliant PvP weapon. In a head-to-head 1v1 fight, however, the War Hammer or Great Axe could easily outclass it.

● If you want your Hatchet gear to be the strongest that it can, remember that Amazon scales the Hatchet primarily on Strength with a secondary focus on Dexterity.

● Utilize the Hatchet / War Hatchet if you plan on solo-levelling and completing quests, as the Hatchet provides a useful movement speed buff via its Berserker mastery tree, coupled with health regen.

● The hatchet works well with mobile armour, something between light and heavy that can facilitate class axe throwing or hatchet throwing. There are a few support healer builds ad tank builds that utilize heavy armour, but we advise beginners to stray away from those.

Best Hatchet Builds

Below, we are going to talk about the best Hatchet builds in general that you should be considering to use yourself:

Hatchet & Great Axe (Axe Hatchet)

The Axe Hatchet build is great for 1v1 situations to deal insane damage with Berserk. With Berserk armour of the enemies hardly matter, since the combination of it with skills like Raging Torrent and Feral Rush will boost your DPS to unforeseen heights. Use your Great Axe when facing hordes of enemies.

Attributes: With Axe Hatchet, focus mainly on Strength, with a minimum of 50 points into Dexterity for the +5% crit chance. Add points into Constitution if you plan on soloing content a lot.

Hatchet & Life staff

A build that focuses on bolstering the Hatchet’s survivability along with its DPS. The Life staff focuses on providing support in the form of buffs and regen while you’re fighting in your Berserk state.

Combining Berserk with Defy Death provides extra healing against critical HP targets, making your survivability that much better. It’s a shame that Berserk armour reduction does not exist, as it would work perfectly with this build’s sustainability.

Attributes: Add a minimum of 95 points into Strength, with an equal split into Focus and Constitution for optimal results.

Hatchet & Sword and Shield

The Hatchet / Sword and Shield acts as a DPS PvE build all about fast damage. There is an argument to be made about using this for Hunter PvP but we advise you against doing so.

Stick beside the tank that sponges all the damage while you deal crazy DPS from the side. Utilize the passive skills of Berserker and Swordmaster to maximize your crit chance, speed, and damage. This build deals a boatload of damage while also covering a lot of distance with its skills like Leaping Strike and Feral Rush.

Attributes: Focus almost all points into Strengths: we recommend 195 points, then add 5 points into each of the other attributes.

Getting all of these builds, Berserk armour, weapons, and skills are not the easiest tasks in the world, however. We can talk all about the best Hatchet builds, the weapons to use, and whatnot, but getting the resources to finish those builds are the first task itself!

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PvE and PvP Builds

We will briefly talk about the best PvE and PvP Hatchet builds (in our opinion) so that you have an easier time choosing:

PvPHatchet & Great Axe: Yup, the Axe Hatchet build is amazing in PvP, due to its highly mobile and close-ranged style, without many skills that require precision. Medium armour for substantial damage reductions is the way to go.

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