New maps are coming with this Major CS: GO update

CS: GO is now about to get a big change in the active-duty maps pool after operating Broken Fang comes to an end. Well, it’s already on the air that the map Ancient will be added to the active map pool in this update. Operation Broken Fang leaves behind a point from which the new map will take over.

Well, we are also about to witness a new case and new chicken models obviously. As per the authorities, the update size will be approximately 1GB. The CS: GO community is looking forward to this new update after Operation Broken Fang ends on the 30th of April.

Not only this, but the map is also going to bring some fresh new content along with some tweaks and indeed map changes. One of these changes includes the removal of the train. According to, this is one of the biggest changes that can be seen in this new active map pool is the removal of Train. It had been a part of the active-duty map pool since 2015 March 31.

Even on Twitter, the pro players have criticized Valve’s decision to add Ancient to the active duty map pool. But, the decision of Valve got an optimistic approach from Device. He recently left Astralis for NIP and left everyone shocked in the organization.

As per the organization and the confirmation of the community, the new active duty map pool will have

  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Overpass
  • Vertigo
  • Nuke
  • Ancient
  • Dust II

There will be many tweaks and minor changes to the whole environment in this new active duty map pool. However, Valve confirmed that the upcoming RMR events will use the old active duty map pool and not the new ones. So, the event participants can get along with their practiced environment.

On the other hand, two new maps will be added to the official match-making in Deathmatch, Causal, Anubis, Engage, Apollo and Scrimmage as well.

Few other changes

Apart from the Ancient in the active duty map pool, chances are little new weapon cases will be added in this update. Even Valve introduced some new weapon cases such as the Snakebite case with 17 community-made options. Alongside, he also added the Broke Fang Glove Collection as rare yet unique items.

Apart from this, CS: GO 360, a new subscription-based service will be added to the game. To continue collecting official competitive and Wingman Stats, players can now pay a dollar a month now. Likewise, retakes are also now part of the new map pool. However, despite the addition, Broken Fang Premier mode will remain available for all players now although it has been renamed to Premier competitive.

Besides, Valve also provided a visual upgrade for all the chickens in the game which plays a major part of CS: GO as any weapon or map. Well, Chickens will now be seen in 4 different colors with real shades and sharp images like never before.

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