How Western Civilians are treated in Australian Universities


Campion’s University President, Dr. Paul Morrissey, recently conversed with Nick Holt in his podcast. Their topic of discussion mainly touched on how Western Civilisation is treated in Australian Universities, with a focus on Campion.

From the podcast, the University inspires students to associate themselves with Westerners. An IPA study mentioned by Nick revealed that most Australian universities centre on the race theory and politics of identity in courses such as history and literature.

Campion’s President described that learners in the Institution could express themselves freely, which is unheard of in other higher learning institutions. He said that the “common sense” approach is vital while teaching the West’s history, literature, theology, and philosophy.

Campion’s Liberal Arts Degree

A Bachelor in the Liberal Arts degree encourages a non-discriminatory understanding of human culture, particularly the West. It equips students with excellence in reading, writing, speaking, and making wise arguments. It also imparts critical skills such as analysis, synthesis, and crucial thinking.

The core curriculum of the Liberal Arts Degree centres its attention on History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology, and Science. The Lecturers focus on the crucial links between the curriculum’s units to take students into a world of analysis and critical thinking.

As a result, their understanding goes deeper into the interconnectedness of the planet’s human, social, political, and cultural perspectives. Unfortunately, the primary curriculum in Australian Universities does not involve the Liberal Arts Degree, where all learners partake.

Judging from the success exhibited by graduates in the course, the marketplace calls for more Liberal Arts Degrees. To put it into perspective, a third of the Fortune 500 CEOs undertook the degree.

Furthermore, prestigious universities prefer these graduates for postgraduate admissions, and employers in different industries are also peering through the same telescope.

Course Outline of the Liberal Arts Degree

Successful completion of the degree requires 144 credit points, equivalent to 24 units. Every unit earns six credit points. The student should gain at least 48 credit points for eight units at each 100, 200, and 300 level.

For full-timers with four units per semester, the degree only lasts three years, different for part-time learners. Learning in the first two years focuses on the main units in History, Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. On the other hand, the third year consists of two Science units and six more that need selection.

To complete a major, learners pick four out of the six from a single discipline. The curriculum is merged in two ways. For starters, the units develop each discipline every year, meaning the concepts taught in the first year reiterate to understand the second and third year content better.

Secondly, the disciplines are blended, making it easier for students to establish connections. 

An example is where learners study the writings(literature) and the history during the times of Shakespeare together with the philosophical and theological aspects that influenced his great work.

The Liberal Arts Degree Outcomes

  1. The ability to think logically and critically
  2. Gaining a better understanding of the activities that have and continue to influence the development of society and Western Culture in general
  3. Comprehension of the real world influences lifelong learning.
  4. The capability to adjust to various career opportunities due to acquired skills such as communication, ability to research, independent thinking, and critical assessment.
  5. Gaining a strong sense of purpose and appreciating the world more
  6. In-depth development of character and morals
  7. State-of-the-art writing and presentation skills


At Campion University, the mode of delivery of the Liberal Arts Degree is through Lecturers and tutorials done in person. The Tuition fees can be deferred fully or partially depending on your preference. The Liberal Arts Degree is catching employers’ attention, and most undergraduate students should consider it. The Institution also offers a diploma in the same course.

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