How to Find a Good Dentist Near You?

Oral health is given the least concern these days. However, the ramifications of this ignorance come in the form of oral infection, tooth decay, bacteria, etc. One of the factors that contribute to this ignorance towards lack of care for oral health is lack of knowledge. As a consequence, regular visits to the dentist are required.

If you agree with the issue stated above then I have brought you a solution. denTEL is the best way to find a dentist that is right for you. It is an online dental directory that focuses on oral health and hygiene. It hosts hundreds and thousands of dentists and specialists that you can review and connect with.

denTEL allows you to curate a list of dentists based on your location, practice reviews and availability, and other search filters to pinpoint dentists you are looking for..  In addition to getting you the dentist that fits you and/or your families dental needs, you can also read about the ways on how to maintain a healthy set of teeth and other dental information with their dental patient guides. Thus, it is an all-encompassing online dental hub that will guide you to a healthier oral lifestyle. 

Signs of a good dentist

1- He is a good listener – Actively listening is a habit, which not many people can cultivate yet it is inalienable from a good dentist. The dentist never rushes to conclusion without listening to the patient in detail. It is also possible that the dentist may be making notes (mental if not physical).

Since minor details can change the course of treatment, the dentist never ignores minutiae and encourages you to describe the pain in length and detail. 

2- He educates you – Knowledge is best when shared. An ideal dentist is a reservoir of knowledge and would never shy from sharing it with you. He will actively give you tips about oral health and how you can avoid minor issues. He understands that just because you are not a dentist, does not mean you do not deserve to know about oral health.

3- Respects the time and resources – A good dentist is punctual with his appointment because he understands that you too have a busy schedule. Their staff might drop text or call reminders to you regarding the appointment that you had made with the dentist. If you find yourself busy, they are happy to reschedule the appointment. 

4- Clean office – you can easily make out the personality of a person by the way he keeps his office or room. If the office is clean and well organised, it’s a good sign. Besides that, the use of sterilized needles, unused masks and gloves, etc. count in professional hygiene, which is essential in this profession. 

5- Promotes what is necessary – a good dentist is not a salesperson who tries to sell you everything and anything regardless of the fact that is it even necessary for you. Professionals value their patients and never oversell their treatment. 


Dentists are professionals and a professional code of conduct is expected of them. If your dentist lacks more than a few of the above-mentioned traits, it is time that you reconsider your decision. 

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