Finding a Fence for Your Yard: Five Questions and Different Fencing Styles!

Fencing is a great way to define your property, secure the area you don’t want others in, and keep pets safe. However, before hiring someone for this job, make sure you know what kind of fence is right for your yard.

Five questions to consider when fencing:

1. Will the fence be for a residential or business property?

This question is important because fencing materials vary by location and use. For example, residential fences are typically wood, metal pickets, chain link, ornamental iron, or vinyl. In contrast, commercial properties may have more durable options such as stone or concrete.

If you’re unsure what type of fence you want, consider taking measurements and photos to show your professional Hamilton fencing service providers. They can offer advice about the most appropriate options for your yard.

2. Is the fence for security or decoration?

A residential property may want a decorative fence to add curb appeal. On the other hand, you might need one because people who aren’t allowed in could access your yard through an unkempt area without Hamilton fencing. You can also use it to keep kids and pets inside safe areas of your yard where they’re not at risk for danger.

If you want a fence to keep kids or pets away from immediate hazards, consider hiring an experienced professional who can build one with safe and durable materials.

3. How long do you want the fence to last?

Once the fencing is built, it should be safe and functional for years. However, different materials have their life expectancies. So if you’re planning on staying in your current house or yard space for a while, consider investing in quality material that will provide lasting protection against intruders or keep children inside safe areas.

If you’re ready to sell your house or property, consider selling with the fencing Hamilton in place because it can add value depending on its quality, material type, and condition.

4. Does the fence need to be tall?

Some people want a taller barrier than just waist-high fencing. For example, if you’re planning on creating privacy with your new yard addition, consider materials at least six feet high or use latticework for decoration instead of security purposes. A professional can help you determine what height is right based on your property, what other fencing surrounds it, and your goals for the space.

If you want a taller fence but aren’t sure where to start with measurements or don’t have time to figure out materials on your own, consider hiring an experienced professional who can help design one that’s safe.

5. Will you need gates?

Gates are another important aspect of your fencing project because they allow easy access to certain sections of your yard or driveway. When installing them, consider their size and what kind of usage they may get from family members and visitors. For example, if a child needs frequent access to an area within the fence, it should have aneasy gate to open and close.

If you’re looking for fencing Hamilton, New Zealand, be sure to check out Real Fencing. The company specializes in installing fences for residential and commercial properties. They will provide detailed answers to any questions you may have!

Different Styles of Fencing

1. Wood Fencing:Wood is a classic fencing material painted or stained to match your house and yard. It’s less expensive than other options, but it also has the shortest life expectancy at around five years in most climates.

2. Vinyl Fencing:Vinyl is the most popular material for homeowners who want to install fencing themselves. It doesn’t need any maintenance; it’s durable enough to handle traffic and weather conditions and comes in various styles that mimic wood or metal options.

3. Metal Fencing:Metal fences are typically made from aluminum, steel, iron, or wrought iron. They’re extremely durable and can last a lifetime if they don’t get damaged from rust or heavy usage. However, it’s also the most expensive option for fencing materials.

4. Chain Link Fencing:Chain link is a popular choice for those who want something simple and affordable. It’s not as decorative as other options, but it also doesn’t require any special tools or equipment, making it ideal for homeowners who don’t have time to deal with the installation.

In conclusion, fencing can be a great addition to any yard or commercial space.

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