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Division 2’s weapons have evolved greatly since the first game. Exotics, classes, skills, and even the way grenades function are all new. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to show you how firearms function in Division 2. First, take a look at all of the unusual weaponry in Division 2!

Exotic Weapons

Exotics are weapons with unusual names and characteristics. They’re usually the most potent pieces of equipment in the game. “Exotic weapons will stand out a lot more in the sequel,” Ubisoft says. To that aim, each has its style and lore tied to The Division 2’s environment.

At any given time, only one Exotic weapon can be equipped. To get them, you’ll have to fulfill specified tasks throughout the game. They can also be gotten by crafting, presumably after you’ve obtained them already. To accomplish it, though, you’ll need to buy the blueprint from a vendor and have an exotic material obtained by dismantling any Exotic item.

Types of Weapons

Rifles are a new weapon category created by the creators. All semi-automatic and burst-fire weapons will be included in this category. Assault Rifles and Marksman Rifles will make up your automatic weapons.

According to Ubisoft, the decision was based on weapon balancing, namely around perks. They hope to be able to “create precise and appropriate bonuses” for the slower-firing firearms.

Assault Rifles – These are semi-automatic rifles designed for close-quarters warfare. They’re quite accurate, but not as fast as submachine guns.

Marksman Rifles – In other games, these are similar to sniper rifles.

Submachine Guns–  Close-range automatic weapons with a high damage output are known as submachine guns. When used across extended distances, they lose their efficiency.

Shotguns – These are short-range, high-damage weapons that fire slowly.

Light machine guns – Largely automated weaponry known as light machine guns. They have a lot of power and carry a lot of magazines. Their slow rate of fire and significant reload periods are the trade-offs.

Pistols– These are short-range sidearms. In the first game, these were often employed as “last resorts.”

Rifles – Semi-automatic and burst-fire rifles are included in the new weapon category of rifles.


In Division 2, weapon modifications are no longer available as a drop. Instead, they unlock what comes with character advancement. Once you unlock a mod, you can use it on any weapon you own, as many times as you want. So, for example, you can use Reflex Sights on an SMG and an assault rifle at the same time.

Gear mods, on the other hand, continue to drop normally. These solely have positive characteristics, albeit they do contain random benefits and stats that can be improved depending on the rarity of the gear mod. Weapon mods, for the most part, provide purely positive benefits, while a handful do have some bad side effects.

Weapon Abilities

Division 2 weapons talents also sound very different. Previously, these were perks that only activated if your character’s skill levels were high enough. With each kill, an LMG could shorten your ability cooldowns, but only if you have a high enough Electronics score.

According to Ubisoft, skill requirements will range from “having a piece of gear with a specific brand, a specific attribute, or having a specific weapon type equipped” to “having a gear piece with a specific brand, a specific attribute, or having a specific weapon type equipped.” This should allow players to create their avatars around their weapons with more freedom.

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