Apps like Howzat Give You an Opportunity to Win Money Using Your Cricket Skills

Fantasy Cricket has won the hearts of a lot of sports fans in the last few years. In a country where millions of cricket fans are self-proclaimed cricket pundits, fantasy leagues are an efficient way to conclude the debates around cricket. Differences in opinion on cricket are a very common scenario in India, whether it is in offices or colleges or at any social gathering. 

Fantasy cricket not only gives a validation of sorts to your opinion but the winnings also bring cash and other exciting prizes. Howzat’s numerous features include easy registration, a plethora of practice and cash contests and leagues, a user-friendly interface, ball-by-ball score updates in cricket and swift updates after goals and card alerts in football, instant withdrawals and huge welcome bonuses. The Beat the Legend contest is another unique feature that we will elaborate upon in addition to the general tips of fantasy cricket which will help you win big cash prizes. 

So who wouldn’t love the opportunity to utilize their knowledge of sports and gaming skills to win real cash? Read on to learn about Howzat’s features and how fantasy cricket leagues on the app give you an opportunity to win a lot of cash prizes. 

  • Easy registration process

Howzat offers you the easiest way to register on the app. All you have to do is download the app from the Howzat website, register on the app using your mobile number or Google/ Facebook account and start your fantasy cricket journey. 

Any user can get a welcome bonus up to 200% on making their first deposit on the Howzat app. This is the best welcome bonus available in the market of fantasy sports apps. In addition to the welcome bonus, regular cashback offers and referral bonuses are available on the app. If you successfully invite a friend to play on the Howzat app, both you and your friend get up to ₹500. 

  • Unlimited practice contests

Before you can start playing for real money in fantasy contests, you can play as many free practice fantasy contests as you want. You can create a maximum of 40 teams in one match, but the cap on the number of teams varies depending on the type of contest. These contests will help you to comprehend fantasy sports and your experience will help you to select better teams when you play cash contests. 

Overall there are two types of contests on Howzat: head-to-head contests and leagues. In head-to-head contests, you compete with only one opponent from anywhere across the country and beat them if your team scores more points than their team. In leagues, many players compete with one another. It is made for players who love a bigger and more exciting challenge. These contests usually have a prize pool worth over lakhs of rupees.

  • Real-time score updates 

After you register on Howzat, it has a self-explanatory interface, which is very easy to use. You can select any match that you want to play, pick your fantasy teams and enter the contests of your choice. All this can be done within a few minutes. Thereafter, there are updates on the score after each delivery is bowled, which helps to track your teams’ performance and your scores. 

On Howzat, you have a chance of defeating your cricketing idols in a fantasy contest. You can challenge cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Kumar Sangakarra and Kieron Pollard and defeat their team to win massive cash prizes. 

Your winnings from any match are credited to your Howzat wallet instantly after the conclusion of the match. You can withdraw your winnings at any time or use them to join more fantasy contests and leagues and win more cash prizes. You can withdraw up to ₹200,000 from your Howzat account at a time. 

  • 100% legal to play for real money

Fantasy sports is considered a skill game since the outcome of every fantasy contest depends on the sports knowledge and skills of a fantasy participant rather than luck or chance. The Indian law considers it fully legal to play skill games like fantasy sports for real money. Moreover, any cash prize of ₹10,000 or more won in a single match or contest is taxable on the Howzat app, as per the Indian government’s income tax rules. 

Here are some tips and tricks to utilize your cricket skills in fantasy leagues to win money:

  • Players’ abilities are determined by the format in which they are competing, so as a fantasy player, you must conduct thorough research. To score well in a specific match, choose players well-suited to that format. The Howzat blog will give you tips on all upcoming games, so keep an eye on it. 
  • Team selection is the major deciding factor in fantasy cricket. You have to keep an eye out for any last-minute updates as the team management might change its strategy at the last moment and decide to drop a player who was a certainty in a playing XI. So make sure to make any necessary changes to your team a few minutes before the start of the match to ensure all your players play in the match.   
  • Another crucial factor is the selection of the captain and the vice captain. The captain gets 1.5 times the points as other players for the same performance and the vice captain gets 1.5X points. If you choose them wisely and they are one of the top performers of the match, it will be difficult for your opponents to defeat you. 
  • An ideal team includes a high number of top-order batsmen as they have a higher probability of facing more deliveries than the lower-order batsmen, especially in the shorter formats of the game like T10 or T20. All-rounders who bat in the top 4 are the best picks for a fantasy team in the majority of the matches. 
  • Bowlers who are just economical are less beneficial than the ones who bowl during death overs and pick wickets.

So those were some awesome features of the Howzat cricket fantasy app. We hope you put the fantasy cricket tips above to good use when you play fantasy cricket. We recommend you get into your groove by playing practice games before playing for real money. Once you gain confidence, you can play cash fantasy cricket games and win big money on Howzat. Happy gaming!   

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