6 Tips to Buying Scrubs for the Healthcare Environment


Doctors, nurses, caregivers, laboratory workers, and dentists may all opt to wear medical scrubs while performing their work. Also recognised as a uniform for people working in the medical sector, scrubs serve a number of purposes. They protect the wearer when working with patients while also being the best clothing choice for working in a sterile environment. 

Anyone working in a health facility know how essential it is to be comfortable and sanitary at the same time. This is where scrubs become the go-to clothing item for most people operating in a medical environment. But, what should you look out for when buying medical scrub pants or tops? 

Read on for six tips to buying comfortable medical scrubs and give yourself peace of mind you have the right outfit for the important tasks that healthcare workers do. 

1. Well-Fitted Scrubs Look Professional

Patients feel more comfortable around doctors and nurses who portray a professional image. This includes the clothing medical staff wear. While scrubs are the acceptable uniforms for most nurses and doctors in the hospital environment, they should still look neat. This means ensuring your scrubs are well-fitted.

Well-fitted scrub pants shouldn’t be bagging on the bottom nor too long and scraping the floor. Scrub tops should be snug without being too tight. By getting the right size and fit, you can create a professional appearance while wearing scrubs on duty. 

2. Choose Scrubs With Pockets

When buying scrubs, look for designs that include pockets. These become handy for storing items such as pens, scissors, gloves and other nursing tools. Extra storage features on your scrubs also prevent you from wasting time when searching for a pen to record vital information on your patient’s chart. 

Having pockets on your scrubs means you have quick and easy accessibility to these items when caring for your patients. Pockets also limit the need for carrying additional bags or holders that can become a nuisance when you need to be hands-free. If carrying items in your scrub top feels uncomfortable, opt for pants with pockets. 

3. Opt for Different Colours for Identifying Staff

When buying scrubs for employees of a healthcare facility, opt for different colours. This makes it easier for everyone to identify staff and their roles. By allocating different colours to the various departments such as radiology, orthopaedics, and cardiology, you’re also creating a uniformed appearance for each area of the hospital. 

A well-organised healthcare facility will benefit from staff that are dressed in uniforms that are also distinguishable for the various roles every hospital worker performs. This includes your cleaning staff who often get forgotten when it comes to ordering scrubs for healthcare employees. 

4. Pick the Best Material

Wearing scrubs all day in a high-pressure work environment means you want them to be as comfortable as possible. By picking the best materials used for making medical scrubs, you can guarantee optimum comfort while performing your tasks. Look for scrubs that have been made with either 100% cotton or a polyester mix. 

A few practical tips:

  • Materials that have antibacterial treatment are also useful for certain employees in the healthcare industry, depending on the work requirements.
  • Ensure the material is stretchy without losing its shape and is soft to wear.
  • If possible, choose scrubs made with moisture-wicking material to keep you sweat-free and cool throughout the day. 
  • The best materials are also stain-resistant and easy to wash.  

5. Get a Design That Suits Your Body Shape

Besides picking well-fitting scrubs for a professional appearance, you also want to get a design that suits your body shape. Whether you’re petite or plus-size, finding the right style will go a long way to making your feel comfortable while looking neat. For example:

  • Opt for scrub pants with drawstrings if your weight fluctuates.
  • Flare legs are more flattering for top-heavy body shapes while slim leg is good for petit shapes. 
  • Low-cut scrub tops should be avoided 
  • The right length for your body shape will also make a difference. 
  • Ladies, pick scrubs designed for women as they’re normally designed to curve inwards at the waist. 
  • Men scrub tops have a straighter fit.
  • Light colours work better on petite body frames while dark colours complement plus sizes. 

6. Consider What You’ll Be Wearing Under Scrubs

If you’re going to wear other items under your scrub pants or top, make sure they’re completely covered. Your scrub needs to be big enough to hide any undergarments without being loose, bulky or baggy. 

If you’re wearing layers for warmth, consider getting scrubs made with fabric that’ll keep you warm. This way, you can prevent overdressing and getting too hot while working. 

Final Thoughts

No, medical scrubs aren’t exactly fashionable, but they can still look good while being functional and comfortable. They also fulfill the particular requirements of healthcare worker attire standards stipulated within the medical sector. Using them also means you can still look professional while doing your job caring for your patients. 

By using these six tips, do some smart clothes shopping for the next shift.

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