6 Reasons Why Working in Australia’s Public Sector is a Good Career Move!


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Deciding which career you want to follow can be quite challenging. With so many options in the great big world, it’s definitely going to take extensive research into the benefits on offer. 

The good news is, when considering the public service sector, almost every role you look into will have a union backing the employees. Whether it’s the police association or even the United Firefighters Union, you’re guaranteed someone is looking out for your best interests!

Experience the Benefits of a Public Service Career

If you’re not really the corporate type, you might be looking for a career where you can help the people around you. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to consider a career in the public service sector. 

Every sector has its benefits and perks. The public sector is no different. If you’re still on the fence about your final choice, read on for a few of the top benefits of a career in the public service sector. 

Public Service Sector Provides Ongoing Job Security

Opting for a job in this sector can provide you with a level of job security that isn’t often found in the private sector. In companies listed in the private sector, employees have to continuously face changes, merges and even restructuring. 

With every private company, there’s always the risk of going out of business. This can be very stressful for employees who rely on a monthly salary to survive! The good news is there’s exceptionally little chance of the government closing down! 

Easier to Create Work-Life Balance

Private sector companies often have excruciating working hours. This is especially true for businesses in the retail or manufacturing end of things. New employees might not always be in a position to dictate their own working hours. 

While public sector working hours can in some instances seem longer than those of the public sector, there are options for accruing overtime and annual leave. Depending on what avenue in the public sector you opt for, your working hours and time off will be more flexible.

It will therefore be much easier to develop a balance between your work and personal life. Having the right balance is crucial to reducing stress and it’ll also help you prevent the possibility of work-related burnout. 

Opportunity to Provide Community Service

Working in the public sector provides you with the opportunity to work within your local community. Whether you’re putting out fires or fighting crime, public services can make a significant difference to the lives of the people in your community. 

It’s also a great way to use your people skills to make a positive difference in the lives of impressionable children in your neighbourhood. There’s an expression that says, “Anyone can be a policeman but not everyone can be a GOOD policeman!”

Policing, like nursing, is referred to as a calling because it’s not everyone’s ideal career choice. It takes serious dedication but, the people already in those organisations enjoy the work they do to improve their local communities. 

Ongoing Staff Training and Skills Improvement

Organisations in the public sector are determined to improve their employees’ skill sets. With this in mind, public sector employees are encouraged to take part in training programmes that can ultimately improve and progress their careers. 

With improved skills, it becomes so much easier to work toward your career goals. It’ll also provide you with more opportunities to work your way up to better positions with better salaries and more perks. 

Continuous training will help you remain up to date with changing trends within your organisation. You’ll also have ways to improve current job performances. 

Effective Ways to Add Skills to Your Resume

It might not be part of your life goals to be a police service employee forever, but it’s a great place to start! Most avenues in the public sector offer fantastic opportunities to build extensive life skills that might serve you well in other sectors. 

For instance, working in the public service for a few years can provide you with the experience needed to start your own private security company! Alternatively, you could become a consultant for private companies offering services you’ve learnt at the beginning of your career!

Potential Room for Growth

Working in the public sector will also afford you the opportunities to apply for other positions within your particular organisation. As an insider, it might be easier for you to do the relevant training for your dream job. 

For instance, a newly appointed police officer will be privy to the process of the training and skills required to reach a position within higher ranks of the police department. You’ll also have access to the skills and experiences of other employees which include superior personnel that could become your mentors.

Final Thought

If you believe that you’re the type of person who can make a significant difference in the public service sector, then it’s time to choose the organisation right for you. Whether you’re opting for a career in the police force, nursing or even the fire department, everyone can make a difference!

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