5 Things To Know Before Starting Laser Hair Removal


While we love the smooth appearance of the skin after laser hair removal, the procedure itself is still significant, and you should think about it before making a decision. Laser hair removal has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before scheduling an appointment.

The Cost Factor

Some will say it is expensive, while others will say it’s worth every penny. When it comes to laser hair removal in Mumbai, the procedure is gaining popularity due to the appealing results that many of us would like to have; the super smooth look on the skin and saving a lot of time from waxing regularly, the procedure is becoming so common nowadays that it may become a necessity at some point.

Laser hair removal is more expensive than other hair removal treatments. In Mumbai, a full body laser hair removal session can cost up to Rs 15000. Of course, when compared to the overall, long-term cost of other hair removal treatments, the money spent upfront will be worthwhile in the long run, so you can think of it as a beauty (and time) investment.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Even if the results are only semi-permanent, laser hair removal is still appealing because the procedure is relatively quick and significantly reduces the next cycle of hair growth, so that after a few sessions you can forget about hair growth. The procedure itself is virtually painless, and the technician will apply a numbing cream before beginning if needed and there will be no pain at all once the hair begins to grow thinner and finer.

Furthermore, you can choose to have the laser treatment performed almost anywhere on the body, whether on a large surface area or in any nook and cranny, ensuring the possibility of getting smooth skin.

Time Needed

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before enrolling for even the best laser hair removal in Mumbai. To begin with, the procedure is time-consuming. One session (depending on the area to be treated) may take less than 5 minutes, but multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results, which, when combined with the wait time (for a few weeks) between sessions, can add up to a significant amount of time. Unless you have some spare time and are not in a hurry, this will not be a problem for you.

Skin Type and Hair Type

The procedure, as the name implies, employs a high-energy laser that detects hair by focusing on the pigment within the hair roots, eliminating the hair roots with supercharged energy, causing the hair to fall out.

As previously stated, the treatment works by targeting the pigment/melanin within the hair follicle, so it works best if your skin and hair have a high contrast as in fair skin with dark hair. The procedure is not suitable for people with dark skin because the laser will concentrate pigments in both your skin and your hair roots. Fortunately, laser-based treatments are constantly improving as a result of technological advancements, and there are some (for example, Nd: YAG-based lasers) that work well to differentiate skin and hair colour for effective treatment.

Dermatologist-Guided Procedure

Another disadvantage is that the procedure is complex (hence the high cost), so you must conduct extensive research to ensure you get the desired results while minimizing the risks. A dermatologist must always oversee the procedure.

Untrained personnel handling such complex equipment can result in skin burns and scars, which is the last thing you want. The procedure necessitates training and certification because the equipment used for the procedure is constantly updated with cutting-edge technology. To be sure, ask for their certifications.

The disadvantages listed here are not intended to deter you, but rather to provide information so that you can make an informed decision. We’d love for you to get the results you’re looking for after a session or two.

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