12 Questions About Breast Lift Surgery Answered By A Cosmetic Surgeon


Do you have sagging or loose skin in your breasts as a result of a pregnancy or significant weight loss? Are you prone to skin irritation as a result of your sagging breasts? Are you bothered by the way your breasts look (due to age-related volume loss)? If this is the case, a breast lift procedure may be beneficial to you. By repositioning your skin, nipple, and areola, you can regain your youthful breasts. Aside from cosmetic concerns, there is a substantial body of clinical evidence suggesting that a breast lift can help with a variety of health issues.

What Exactly Is a Breast Lift?

A “mastopexy,” or breast lift, is a surgical procedure that elevates your nipple and areola. It also treats breast sagging and drooping by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining breast tissues. If your areola is not proportionate to the size of your breasts, the procedure may reduce its size.

How long do the effects of a Breast Lift last?

The procedure’s results may vary from patient to patient. A variety of factors will influence this, including the following:

  • How do you care for your new breasts?
  • The surgical procedure that was used
  • What is your age?
  • The anticipated outcome
  • Your eating habits
  • The elasticity of your skin

In most cases, the effects of a breast lift can last for up to two years. However, because it cannot reverse the effects of ageing on your breasts, you may need to have another surgery to keep the results. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess your overall health condition prior to the procedure to ensure long-term results.

Is it true that a breast lift increases cup size?

The procedure repositions your skin, nipple, and areola rather than reshaping your breasts. As a result, the breast contour appears younger and more defined.

A surgical procedure known as breast augmentation or breast lift with implants may be beneficial if you want to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure improves the appearance and size of your breasts by using implants or your own body fat.

Is it safe to stop wearing a bra after a breast lift?

No, after surgery, your surgeon will instruct you to wear a special bra or compression garments to reduce swelling and support your healing breasts. In fact, your surgeon may advise you to wear a support bra after surgery. This also allows your breasts to adjust to their new shape.

What exactly is a lollipop breast lift?

The lollipop lift is a surgical procedure for women with medium-sized breasts. Making a cut around the areola that runs down the centre of the lower breast, resembling a lollipop on a stick, is required.

These incisions will be used by your plastic surgeon to raise the breast and reposition the nipple and areola into the desired position.

Your surgeon will tighten and secure the skin with sutures after it has been repositioned. With this surgical technique, scarring is kept to a minimum. It will be difficult to perform, however, because your surgeon will only have a small incision to work with.

What exactly is an anchor breast lift?

An anchor lift, also known as a standard breast lift surgery in Mumbai, involves making an inverted anchor-shaped cut around the perimeter of your areola that runs down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease.

This procedure is recommended for patients who need a large amount of skin and breast tissue removed.

This surgical technique, on the other hand, is very invasive and carries a higher risk of scarring.

Is it possible to lose weight after a breast lift?

During the procedure, excess skin is removed to make your breasts firmer and more defined. However, it does not remove a significant amount of skin or tissues, resulting in noticeable weight loss.

Is it necessary to have breast implants for a breast lift?

Breast lifts do not involve the use of implants to enhance the appearance of your breasts. Instead, your surgeon will reposition the existing breast tissue, nipple, and areola to achieve younger-looking, more defined breasts.

Breast augmentation is a type of breast surgery in which implants are used. In some cases, breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift to achieve optimal and long-lasting results.

Does a breast lift surgery reduce the size of the areola?

Yes, surgery can help reduce sagging breasts’ enlarged areolas. Most patients who have a breast lift require a reduction in the size of the areola to achieve better cosmetic results.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will determine whether areola reduction is necessary for your breast condition.

What is the distinction between a breast lift and a breast implant procedure?

A breast lift seeks to improve the shape and symmetry of your existing breasts by reshaping and lifting them for a more contoured and attractive appearance.

Breast implants, on the other hand, add volume to your breasts to increase their size, but they do not change the placement of your breasts.

Breast lift and breast implants are frequently used in conjunction to achieve optimal and long-lasting results.

How much does a breast lift cost?

The cost of breast lift surgery in Mumbai is, of course, determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The surgical supplies and equipment used
  • The medical facility’s or clinic’s cost
  • Anesthesiologist’s fee
  • An assistant surgeon’s fee
  • The condition of your breasts
  • Your desired results
  • Furthermore, your surgeon’s fee

It’s important to remember that each treatment plan is customised to your specific health and cosmetic needs, as well as your desired outcomes. As a result, total fees may differ from one patient to the next.

You should also be aware that a breast lift or mastopexy in Mumbai is an elective procedure. In other words, the surgery is done to improve the appearance of the breasts. Your health insurance will not cover your procedure.

Is it possible to avoid scarring following a breast lift?

Most patients are so pleased with the results of their breast lift that they don’t mind the appearance of their surgical scars. Many patients discover that the advantages of breast lift surgery outweigh the risks of scarring. It is normal, however, for patients to be concerned about the appearance of scars after surgical incisions have healed completely.

The truth is that no sign of breast lift surgery can be hidden completely. Your scars, on the other hand, should fade and lighten in appearance over time. To achieve minimal scarring, most surgeons make small and inconspicuous breast incisions during the procedure. The surgical technique or incision placement will be thoroughly discussed during your initial consultation.

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